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Venice Hotels, How Shall I Get There?

Venice is a very particular city for logistics but overall regard the "normal" behaviour of most local services providers, so you´ll better read carefully our Important Warnings section by section.

Venice Hotels, How Shall I Get There?
Public Bus Boat Navigation Lines in the Venice Lagoon

Even though this Guide allows email and online booking on all kind of Hotels, from cheap Bed and Breakfast lodging to budget and luxury Venice Hotels, the first things you´ll need to know are how to reach Venice first, and then how to reach your booked Hotel.

This Venice Hotels Guide shows the availability of accommodation in Venice Hotels and helps you to locate them on the Venice Map.

Advices about Venice Hotels Booking on Line (TOP)

Most of the good value accommodation offers you can find booking online the Venice Hotels, is handled by big International Companies with a system called "Allotment".
The Hotel Owner accept to sell a certain amount of his Venice Hotel´s rooms to the Company at a very low price, to get the high traffic it can provide.

When you book online you get a "Voucher" from the Company that you present to the booked Venice Hotels being sure they will honour that.
We had experiences with customers who wanted to be reassured of their booking, therefore calling the Venice Hotels by telephone.

Mainly in "high season", the Venice Hotels Owners have no interest to occupy a room in name of the International Company, so it happened that they tried to deny, at the telephone, the validity of the booking.
But again when you´ve booked Venice Hotels via credit card, they really have to accommodate you, if not in the booked Hotel, in another Venice one, of the same or better quality.

So do not ask telephonic confirm when you have a "Voucher" in hand, or if you do, clarify that you know very well your rights and Hotels obligations on the credit card booking.

Some Words about Venicexplorer Hotels Booking (TOP)

Our operators reside in the Historical Centre of Venice, and they care each booking question with the Venice Hotels and the Users, personally and in real time.
We offer to our Users the best visibility about location, the type and the neighbourhood of each of the Venice Hotels, encouraging Venice Hotels themselves to collaborate, self-illustrating their accommodation with photos and descriptions.

In short, veniceXplorer has built and manages a local Venice Hotels booking system, small compared with the giants of Hotels booking business, but it is specific for Venice Hotels: for each and every question connected with your Hotel booking, you can speak, write or meet with an operator living in Venice 365 days a year.

A local good Venice Hotels booking system built from honest and laborious people. :-)

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