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Guide to Venice Hotels from the Airport

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Venice Hotels, How Shall I Get There?

As Guests of Venice Hotels, you´ll better know that Venice is a very particular city for logistics but overall regard the "normal" behaviour of most local service providers, so please read carefully our Important Warnings section by section.

The Venice Hotels Guide shows the availability of accommodation in Venice Hotels and helps you to locate them on the Venice Map.

Venice Hotels, How Shall I Get There?
Public Bus Boat Navigation Lines in the Venice Lagoon

Even though this Venice Hotels Guide allows email and online booking on all kind of Hotels, from cheap Bed and Breakfast lodging to budget and luxury Venice Hotels, the first things you´ll need to know are how to reach Venice first, and then how to reach your booked Hotel.

Reaching Your Venice Hotel from the Venice Airport

Reaching Your Venice Hotel from the Venice Airport (TOP)

Reaching Your Venice Hotel from the Venice Airport

Venice offers two landing opportunities, Tessera "Marco Polo" International Airport, located in the Mainland, and "Nicelli" Aero club located in the Isle of Lido.
Only the first Airport allows international lines to land, but when you travel on a small private aircraft, the second would fit better.

Once out of the Venice Airport in Tessera, you can choose to go to a Hotel in the Historical Centre of Venice by sea or by land.

Reaching Venice Hotels From Venice Airport by Sea

There are two main ways to reach the Venice Hotels located in the Historical centre of Venice, from the Airport: with Alilaguna bus boats at an affordable price, but then having to walk at less a while, or hiring a water-taxi that will cost you nearly ten times more but will take you straight to the Venice Hotel of your choice.
The journey from the Airport to the Venice Hotels can be from 45 minutes to about two hours long.

Important Warning:
Be aware that Venice water-taxis are a very expensive mean of transport. Do not expect to pay less than 50 € even for a very few minutes of journey.
A normal fare Airport - Venice Hotel should actually (2006) be around 80 €, but we know of many cases where unaware people has been deceitfully charged even up to 200.

Getting to Venice Hotels From the Venice Airport by Land (TOP)

Some Luxury Venice Hotels provide Airport picking up for their guests There are regular and cheap bus services between Venice Tessera Airport and Piazzale Roma (see detailed Venice bus terminal map), which will lead you there in about half an hour.
Taxis are also available for a just 15 minutes journey and a more comfortable transport.

Important Warning:
Both the means, anyway, will leave you just at the door of the Historical Centre of Venice (see Piazzale Roma on the general Venice Map), with the choice between a long walk to the Hotel, a bus boat to arrive at least near to it, or the need to hire a water taxi, which will cost you, even for few minutes of navigation, many times more than what you have just paid for the taxi on wheels.

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