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Guide to Venice Lido Hotels

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How to Reach Venice Lido Hotels

Venice is a very particular city for logistics but overall regard the "normal" behaviour of most local services providers, so you´ll better read carefully our Important Warnings section by section.

How to Reach Venice Lido Hotels

Public Bus Boat Navigation Lines in the Venice Lagoon

This Venice Lido Hotels Guide shows the availability of accommodation in Venice Lido Hotels and helps you to locate them on the Venice Map.

Even though this Guide allows email and online booking on all kind of Hotels, from cheap Bed and Breakfast lodging to budget and luxury Venice Lido Hotels, the first things you´ll need to know are how to reach Venice first, and then how to reach your booked Hotel in Lido.

Hotels in Venice Lido (TOP)

Venice Lido Hotels are your chance to reach a Hotel in Venice with your car.
The Lido of Venice is a long isle, which separates the Lagoon and Historical Centre of Venice from the Sea.
The Isle of Lido, being famous as a seaside resort and for the Venice International Film Festival, offers many cheap, budget and some luxury Hotels; it is the only Venetian Isle where car and wheeled vehicles traffic is allowed and where, therefore, your Venice Hotels could have their own parking.

Ferry boat to Venice Lido Hotels

Lido is an island, so you need to reach the venice Hotels there with a ferryboat.
Here is how and where you can board a ferry with your car or bike, to reach a Venice Lido Hotels.

When you are at the end of the bridge crossing the Venice Lagoon, turn the first downhill road on the right.
After the short descent, turn right again and cross the bridge to the Island of Tronchetto.
Please read the Important Warning about this island in the Venice Hotels Parking Section.
Follow "Ferry Boats" signboards, till the extreme West point of the isle (see Tronchetto Ferryboat and Timetable on the map), where you will embark a car and passengers at a fare of about 20 € to reach the Venice Lido Hotels.

Lido Hotels are also reachable by ferryboat from Punta Sabbioni, 20 Kilometres away from Jesolo.

After a 45 minutes journey, you will disembark in Lido di Venezia Island, exactly here.

Having a car or a bike at hand is nice, when you are lodged in a Venice Lido Hotel, as the isle is eleven Kilometres long, and with a vehicle you can easily reach from the Hotel the two outer breakwaters and lighthouses, along with other island´s suggestive places, like the ancient village of Malamocco, once seat of the Doge of Venice, with its little Ducal Palace and a tiny Roman bridge.

Other interesting places around the Hotels in the Lido of Venice are the Convent of San Nicolò near the big Roman bridge and the Palazzo del Consiglio dei Dieci (XVI Century).

St. Nicolò Convent and the Roman Bridge, Venice Lido Hotels

The residential part of the isle, where most Lido Hotels are located, offers nice walks between gardens and many Liberty age Villas. Two very long walk paths and many Hotels are along the Lagoon and along the Sea, also.

Venice from Lido, Venice Lido Hotels

Venice View from Lido, Venice Lido Hotels


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